Shinji Oryoku


STR 17+3
DEX 17+3
CON 18+4
INT 18+4
WIS 18+4
CHA 15+2

HP: 21
AC: 19

Height: 6’3"
Weight: 200lb
Hair: Black, chin length, stylishly messy
Eyes: Brown
Appearance: Clean shaven


Shinji is generally kind hearted and will almost always play to the old “good guy” hero cliche. While chivalry may live prosperously within his heart, he is a sharp tongued, sarcastic smart-ass. He tends to test his limits with people to the breaking point, but when it comes down to it, he is a very caring person.

A long time traveling warrior, he used to be a head strong individual with something to prove, often rushing into a situation swinging his sword without properly thinking the situation through.

After the conclusion of the war against the Legion of Order, everyone he knew and loved either died in the war, took up arms against him or fled for a land of peace. Having lost everyone and everything he took to the sea, landing on Benevem to start anew.

In his new life, while being very capable in a fight, violence had become a last resort as he’d much rather solve problems peacefully if he can. Nurturing this new sentiment, he took to the life of a cleric, pledging himself to Obad-hai and embarking on his pilgrimage to clerichood.

After serving for a few years under the head of the cleric order for Obad-hai Shinji found himself missing the blood soaked life of hardship he once had as a traveling warrior.

With a new vigor for life and appreciation for nature, and a repertoire of abilities blessed upon him from Obad-Hai himself, Shinji set out once again in search of adventure and heroism righting wrongs and helping those who can’t help themselves as a “Travelling Good-guy and Hero-For-Hire”.

Shinji Oryoku

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