Name: Tara
Age: 756
Height: 4’10
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Eye color: Brown. Shifts to Blue during high emotional states.
Body type: Slim but curvy
Oddities: Experience emotions in an unnaturally deep level, which causes physical manifestations.

Two enchanted throwing daggers
Black short sword, emits paralyzing cold and absorbs blood

Calling the Elements: Manipulation of the Weather, using the Wind to Levitate.
Earth Adept: Power over the Earth and Plants
Spellcraft and Enchantments.
Glamour and Illusions

Magi’s Inn


The Vampire Legend:
Aside from needing blood to survive, pretty much everything else is the rambling fictions of half insane men and the fear of the unknown. There are no coffins, no crosses and garlic is only good if you want to add a little spice before the bite.

Her body is a weapon- she can move faster, heal quicker and rip the life from a body faster than you can blink. She is stronger than a human, on fighting level with beings twice her size and the only way you can hope to kill her is to bleed her or cut out something vital, like the heart.
She is not a deal soul reanimated to fulfill some nefarious deal with an unnamed devil. Her heart beats, her lungs fill, she loves and grieve as any other creature with a mind and a soul.

The Past:
She grew up the daughter of pagans in a small village on Benevem. My parents were simple, peaceful people for the most part. She learned how to defend herself, how to use a sword and how to fight from her father though he rarely had the need for those lessons himself. From her mother she learned the art of spell craft, illusion and magick. By the time she was twelve she could hide in plain sight, create defensive spells with a few words and cast a protective circle with her thoughts.

Everything changed the night she turned nineteen, the year she was supposed to leave her parents home to strike out on her own. A siege on her village by a creature slaughtered the few people who had stayed through the winter, including her parents. When her time came it was only luck and the Fates that saved her life. The battle raged for only a few brief moments, but it was enough- long enough for her to taste his blood and long enough for that small act to turn her world upside down.

It was the night she became Vampireā€¦ and while it was a night of infinite sadness, it was also something that she doesn’t regret. She has lived, loved and experienced more than she ever thought possible. She has learned such wondrous things and lived through beauty and horror- it is a life she never imagined.


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